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Installed in April 2016 and upgraded to Storm Hexa June 2018.


The Kornit Storms Hexa’s have been maintained to a very high standard with regular service performed by manufacture.
Currently, they are still in production and are open to viewings & live printing demonstrations before purchasing.


Information from the brochure:


  • Print Heads - 16 Heads
  • Max printing resolution  Up to 1,200 dpi
  • Ink Channels - CMYK + Red + Green & White
  • Ink recirculation system Integrated
  • Max Production output  Light Garments: 170 & Dark garments: 85
  • Printing Area - Up to 20 x 28 in / 50 x 70 cm
  • Printable Substrates - Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Leather, Denim, Linen, Wool and more
  • Humidity System - Integrated
  • Backup Battery System - Integrated




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