Tx400 Series

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Sorry this is product is no longer available (previous generation model)

Mimaki TX400 Series

Direct to textile digital printers available in the TX400-1800D model and the TX400-1800B with adhesive belt carrier system. Designed for the soft signage, apparel/textile and interior decoration markets. The TX400 series are highly Productive Textile Printers. With the ability to print on cotton, polyester, and many other fabrics, revolutionising softsignage, apparel/textiles and interior decoration markets.

Key Features:

  • Multiple inks, adding versatility
  • High density black printing
  • Uninterrupted Ink Supply System
  • Printing on cotton, polyester-based materials, and many other fabrics.
  • Substantial reduction in production time.
  • High quality printing, smooth gradation, no restrictions in number of colours.
  •  More eco-friendly, compared to screen printing.

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