Textile Coating

Introducing the latest range from Monti Antonio for the preparation & finishing of Direct To Textile printing.


Monti Antonio Impregnation range has been designed for the pre-treatment and drying of fabrics, as well as heat fixation / reactivation of the inks + application of post treatment after printing. Using a bath and squeezing system, this allows even distribution and uniformity of the pre/post-treatment liquid to be applied.


  • Step 1 (Pre Printing) – Fabric Pre Treated & Dried
  • Step 2 (Post Printing) – Fixation / Reactivation of Pigment & Disperse Inks
  • Step 3 (Post Treatment Liquids) – Option to Post Treat & Dry fixated fabric


  • Eco friendly (no solvents required)
  • Reduced wait time for pre-treated fabric for printing (no need for third party)
  • Compact ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ solution
  • Low consumption & energy costs
  • Multiple applications with one machine: pre-treatment + drying, heat fixation, post treatment + drying

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