Mimaki SB420 Dye Sub Ink – Yellow SB420-YD-2L-1 2ltr

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Mimaki SB420 Dye Sub Ink – Yellow SB420-YD-2L-1 2ltr


Mimaki SB420 Dye Sub Ink – Yellow SB420-YD-2L-1 2ltr

Product Name: Mimaki SB420 Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink

Colour: Yellow

Pack Size: 2 Litre Refill Bag (includes Ink Chip)

Available Colours: Blue, Magenta Yellow, Black


Introducing the Mimaki SB420 Dye Sub Ink – Yellow SB420-YD-2L-1 2ltr, a 2-liter refill bag with an ink chip, offering the ultimate solution for your TX300P-1800 printer. This high-density sublimation ink is your key to bringing your designs to life with captivating blues and vibrant colors. Thanks to the dye sublimation process, this ink ensures that it deeply penetrates the polyester fabric, resulting in prints that not only captivate the eye but also exhibit remarkable durability. It’s important to mention as well, that the Mimaki Sb420 ink is ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.


For those handling substantial printing orders, our 2-liter refill bag is a cost-effective, large-volume solution. Its generous capacity and budget-friendly price point make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to meet customer demands without compromising quality. The included ink chip not only upholds the official Mimaki quality standard but also empowers users to monitor ink levels on-screen, ensuring smooth and trouble-free printing while eliminating guesswork and potential complications.


The versatility of this ink knows no bounds. Whether you’re involved in the signage industry, producing attention-grabbing flags and banners, or producing eye-catching indoor displays, this ink empowers you to make a bold and unique statement. It provides the design potential you require for a wide array of applications.


The Mimaki SB420 Dye Sub Ink is specifically formulated for compatibility with the  following models:

  • TX300P-1800
  • TX300P-1800 MKII
  • TX300P-1800B

Elevate your printing game with this top-tier solution, and breathe life into your creative visions with unwavering confidence. Whether your focus is on signage, banners, or exhibition displays, this ink ensures your designs stand out vibrantly. Choose wisely for your printing needs today.

Please take note: It’s crucial to confirm that this ink is the right fit for your printer. I-SUB cannot assume responsibility for inaccurately ordered inks, so ensure you verify your printer’s compatibility prior to making your purchase.



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