Automatic bagging machine with options


The ROQ Bag has been designed to bag various types of garments using premade bags. When working in conjunction with the ROQ Fold, no operator is needed. Both machines connect and synchronise speeds to work at the same pace.


2 options for bag sealing:
  1. Adhesive strip*
  2. 2 strips of sticky tape**
  3. Or no seal at all, garment bagged but not sealed

*Adhesive strip: ROQ BAG removes the protective tape from the adhesive strip, automatically folds the flap and seals with a non heated press. Protective tape waste is automatically removed.

**Sticky tape: ROQ BAG applies one or two tape points that close the bag securely.


The ROQBAG is one of the fastest bagging machines in the market, with a maximum production of 600 pieces/hour. Pair with the ROQ Fold & ROQ Label P&A for the complete solution.



Garment bagging
Automatic cover strip removal
Flap fold over
Fully automatic
Uses pre-made bags
400 garments per hour


Garment dimensions max. H x W x L 80 x 370 x 500 mm
min. width 220 mm
Bag dimensions min. W x L 22 x 250 mm
max. W x L 400 x 600 mm
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