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Remove impurities such as dust and flock from garments


ROQ Storm was created due to the problems that screen printers have with dust and impurities on the fabrics being printed. Printers have always had issues cleaning up excess Flock from the garments. ROQ Storm is a perfect complement to this type of work. After the garments are cured by the dryer, an operator picks up the garment and places it in the ROQ Storm. After this step the garment is completely free of impurities or excess flock and ready for packaging. It is a  powerful solution to remove any dust, flock, or any other type of particles from your textiles by a powerful vacuuming system.


  • An independent module created to vacuum/clean fabric, either from flock or other impurities the fabric might have
  • Fabric pieces up to 787mm/27.56” wide and 900mm/35.43” long


Length – mm (inch) 2200 (86.6”)
Height – mm (inch) 2975 (117”)
Width – mm (inch) 850 (33.5”)
Suction max. width – mm (pol) 785 (30.9”)
Max. length of the piece of aspiration – mm (pol) 900 (35.4”)
Electrical consumption – (kVA) 3
Power supply (VAC) 3x230V, 3x400V
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