Automatic packing machine for different types of garment


The ROQ Pack has been developed to provide high profitability and speed. Pair with the ROQ Fold & Label P&A for the complete solution.


How does it work?

Garments enter folded and a bag is formed using 2 rolls of plastic. The bag is created through a flawless welding system. The rolls of plastic enter from the top & bottom of the machine, the garment is sandwiched and a heated press is used to seal the edges. Automated system collects the plastic waste, allowing for unlimited bagging length. It can create a flap bag or weld directly.



  • Designed to pack batches of different garments (t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, shirts etc) at the same time
  • The packaging length is unlimited
  • The package is sealed through a plastic welding system
  • Insert into ROQ’s automatic packaging line
  • Maximum processing speed of 1200 pieces per hour. When paired with ROQ Fold, average of 700 pieces per hour


ROQ Pack features at 1:05 in the following video

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