ROQ E – Electric Press


NEW to 2023! ROQ’s first ever self contained automatic screen printing machine


The ROQ E runs exactly like a regular ROQ You press however the big difference is that the central lifting system that is fully electric.

No external air supply is required; equipped with an ultra built-in air compressor, it only requires an electric connection to operate. Perfect solution for printers who do not have capacity or means to have an in house compressor.

Available in 8 or 10 stations and up to 8 colours.

The ROQ E is also equipped with low profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing. Garments can be dressed on the pallet arm with standard sleeve pallets.


The ROQ E is built with a new HMI from B&R Industrial Automation similar to the ones used on the ROQ Fit and on the ROQ Next.

All the functions available on this control panel are similar to these other models, with one new improvement: Simple device to easily lift the printhead for access to clean, add a flash unit or just remove the screen completely.



  • Up to 900 pieces per hour
  • No external air supply required – built in compressor
  • Simple & maintenance friendly – lubricate drive system & print heads
  • Low profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing
  • Simply connect and print!
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