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ROQ ASP – To keep the work environment clean


Traditional methods of flocking are known for the large amounts of flocking fibres that contaminate the environment in the print shop. The traditional methods are so intrusive that large areas could become coloured due to the amounts of excess of flocking fibres. With the ROQ flock, this problem has been eliminated with the added bonus of making it much faster and more profitable.

The ROQasp has been designed to be installed under any print head and vacuums the excess flock from the jobs done by the ROQflock, improving the quality of the final product. It is powered by the automatic screen printing machine to which it is connected. Its vacuum head runs all over the print collecting all the loose fibres into a bag making sure the work environment says clean.


Pair with the ROQ Flock


    • ROQ ASP is designed to vacuum excess flock after the flocking process.
    • This accessory is mounted on a print head and is fully compatible with the ROQ automatic screen printing machines
    • Available in two widths: 620 mm/24” and 470 mm/18”
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