Protection Paper 20gsm – 115cm – 20cm diam – 3″ core

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Protection Paper 20gsm – 115cm – 20cm diam – 3″ core


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Protection Paper 20gsm – 115cm – 20cm diameter – 3″ core

i-Sub protection papers offers the most economical and effective way to safeguard your heat press, calendar, or rotary equipment.

Comprehensive Protection:


    • This protection paper serves as a barrier, guarding against various issues, including:
    • Ink Transfer onto the felt
    • Contamination
    • Fabric Scorching
Non-Porous & Lightweight:
  • This lightweight, non-porous paper effectively prevents gaseous dyes and ink exhaust ingredients from contaminating your felt and causing blemishes on your textile products.
Enhances quality & Lifespan:
  • Regularly using protection paper, protects your felt and safeguards your equipment from damage. It also improves the productive life span and saves you money by reducing wastage (defect prints wasted labour cost).
Versatile Use:
  • Protection paper, also known as barrier, tissue, or kraft paper, is designed for use on a huge variety of print materials.
European Manufacture:
  • Our products are proudly European manufactured, ensuring high-quality standards and reliability.
UK Stock:
  • We maintain a ready stock in the UK, providing fast turnaround times to meet your needs promptly.

This versatile paper is perfectly suited for use with a range of heat press and rotary calendar presses, including:

  • Monti Antonio
  • Klieverik
  • Transmatic
  • Diferro
  • Adkins
  • Sefa
  • Flexa
  • Secabo
  • Stahls
  • Muratex
  • Kala
  • Maxxi
  • Royal Sovereign
  • EastSign
  • Easty
  • Pengda
  • (and many more…)

Please consider the practicality of this paper to suit your heat press and your print media. We would recommend checking if this is the most suitable width and roll weight to suit your machine.

Please also check whether this is the most suitable GSM of protection paper in case you will be cutting this into sheet format.

i-SUB stock the most frequently ordered products, and we do have a broad standard range.

If you need any assistance with the i-Sub Protection Paper 20gsm – 115cm – 20cm diam – 3″ core or to check what is the most suitable paper for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.






Description Protection Paper 115cm x 20cm diam 3″ core
Material 20gsm non porous kraft paper
Packing Unit 1 Unit
Dimensions width x 115cm diameter x 20cm core x 3″ weight x 50kg
Print Dimensions N/A
Tolerance Manufacturing tolerances apply, samples can be provided, product testing report on request
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