Monti Antonio N03

Monti Antonio

Calender for continuous sublimation printing of ribbons, lanyards, bandanas and narrow fabrics.


Compact and innovative printing calender with movable wheels suitable for businesses printing narrow fabrics. Designed to be easy to operate with minimal maintenance, the N03 is an ideal solution for limited space and smaller level narrow fabric printers.


Ø: 300 mm
Width: 300 mm
Working Width: 250 mm


  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct ink Reactivation
  • Thermosetting


NB: Model name prior to 2023 – MOD 76



  • Heated by ceramic resistance Transmits heat to the roll by conduction
  • Single motor 1 motor to control all functions
  • NOMEX felt Manual tension adjustment system and automatic felt-centering device, incorporated felt protection system
  • Straightening roll For ribbons on entry to ensure aligned correctly
  • Pivoting Wheels Ease of handling & movement, 2 pedal brakes
  • Single phase Voltage 230V
  • Ease of use Minimal maintenance, easy to install, no air required
  • Customisation Options available to tailor to businesses needs & applications


Cylinder width 300 mm
Working width 250 mm
Heated cylinder diameter 300 mm
Installed electric power 3.5 Kw
Average consumption 2.5 Kw/hr
Net weight 260 KG
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