Monti Antonio C02-13000

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Monti Antonio

Calender for continuous sublimation printing of narrow fabrics


Compact and innovative printing calender with movable wheels suitable for businesses printing narrow fabrics.


Ø: 200 mm
Width: 1300 mm
Working Width: 1150 mm


  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct ink Reactivation
  • Thermosetting

Key Features:

  • Monti Antonio SPA exclusive heating system Heated by element in vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air & pressure
  • Single motor 1 motor to control all functions
  • NOMEX felt Pneumatic tension adjustment system and automatic felt-centering device, incorporated felt protection system
  • Meter-counter Predetermine length of production runs, built in alarm
  • Front touch-screen For production data access and programming, control temperature & other general management
  • Customisation Options available to tailor to businesses needs & applications


Cylinder width 1300 mm
Working width 1150 mm
Heated cylinder diameter 200 mm
Installed electric power 7 Kw
Average consumption 5 Kw/hr
Net weight 580 KG
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