Monti Antonio C10 Range – Wide Format

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Monti Antonio

Wide format calender for continuous sublimation printing


Ideal for printing curtains, upholstery fabrics, bedcovers, fashion textiles, nonwovens and all printable continuous materials, including those for digital and promotional applications.  Furthermore, the machines are designed for the reactivation of ink printed directly onto textile, from digital/traditional printing machines.


  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct ink Reactivation
  • Thermosetting
  • Heatsetting of “crush” effect


  • Heated cylinder Ø: 1000 mm
Cylinder Width  (mm) Max. Working Width (mm)
2000 1850
2600 2400
3000 2800
3600 3400
4400 4200
5400 5200


For more information on specific model sizes including data sheets, please CLICK HERE to get in touch


  • Monti Antonio SPA exclusive heating system Heated by element in vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air & pressure
  •  Independent motors with an electronic synchronisation system
  • Tension control for material, printing and protection paper
  • NOMEX felt Pneumatic tension adjustment system and automatic felt-centering device by means of motorised electric linear actuator, incorporated felt protection system
  • Temperature cooling system for printed fabric exit, complete with fan
  • Multifunctional electronic meter-counter Predetermine length of production runs, built in alarm
  • Front touch-screen For production data access and programming, control temperature & other general management
  • Customisation Options available to tailor to businesses needs & applications
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