Mimaki TX300P-1800B



Entry level direct to textile inkjet printer with sticky belt


1.8M wide printer designed specifically for sheer fabric and stretchy materials such as knits.


Entry level powerful model for small scale and various on-demand customer needs. Crumpling and creasing of textile is reduced as the printer is equipped with a “crumple-free roller” and a “paste roller”.


Paste roller The textile is pressed on the belt evenly for stable feeding.

Crumple-free roller Rear white roller stretches the fabric before reaching the belt.




  • Belt-type conveying system supports printing on elastic textile
    The new model makes possible stable printing on thick and elastic textiles.
  • The Printhead allows printing on various types of textile
    While maintaining high-quality printing, high gap settings of the printhead allows printing not only on thick textiles but also on various woven patterns or raised fiber surfaces.
  • Mimaki’s print technologies for achieving beautiful printing
    – The new model is equipped with a waveform control technique which ensures beautiful print results.
    – MAPS4 delivers high-quality printing. Banding and uneven color printing is reduced, while it maintains a stable high-quality printing.
  • Uninterrupted printing solutions
    – Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) automatically detects and cleans clogged nozzles.
    – Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) uses only good nozzles as substitutes, when the clogged nozzles are not recovered after cleaning.
    – Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3 (MBIS3) for long-time continuous printing.
  • An abundance of textile inks to choose from. Textile pigment ink and sublimation dye ink can be loaded at the same time [Hybrid function].
    – Mimaki offers five ink types: sublimation, dispersant, pigment, reactive and acid- to meet various application needs.
    – For providing affordable ink prices, inks are packed in large volume aluminum packs (2 liters) for long-time continuous printing.
  • High-performance RIP software TxLink4 Lite
    The TxLink4 Lite offers simple RGB and CMYK color replacement on raster and vector data, as well as the ability to produce different color patterns. Moreover, various color replacement functions can represent desired colors.
    * TxLink4 Lite or RasterLink6Plus is bundled according to a user’ s choice.


Printhead On-demand piezo head (4 in-line printheads)
Print resolution 360 dpi, 540 dpi, 720 dpi, 1,080 dpi, 1,440 dpi
Maximum print width 1,880 mm (74.0 in)
Maximum media width 1,900 mm (74.8 in)
Ink Type/Color Sublimation dye ink:Sb420 (Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm)
Disperse dye ink:DD400 (C, M, Y, K, R, Gray, Violet, Pink)
Textile pigment ink:TP400 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Lk)
Reactive dye ink:Rc400, Rc500 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk)
Acid dye ink:Ac400 (C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk)
Package size 2L Ink pack
Media thickness 1.0 mm or less
Rolled media weight 40 kg (88.2 lb) or less
Please note that the above maximum weight applies on a printed roll including ink weight.
Rolled media diameter φ250 mm (9.8 in) or less
Certifications VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL UL 60950-1,
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
Interface Data output: USB 2.0 Hi-speed / Ethernet 1000BASE-T
E-mail output: Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T
Power supply Single-phase AC100-120V/AC200-240V +/- 10%
50/60Hz +/-1Hz
Power consumption (AC100V) 1.44kW / (AC200V) 1.92kW
Operational environment Temperature: 20 – 30 °C (68 – 86 °F)
Humidity: 35 – 65% Rh (Non condensing)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 3,183 x 1,912 x 1,844 mm (125.3 x 75.2 x 72.5 in)
Weight 627 kg (1382.3 lb)
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