Monti Felt – 100 x 150 RED SILICON, Single Pieces

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Heat Press Felt – 150 x 100cm RED SILICONE (longer life)


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Monti Felt – 150 x 100 RED SILICON, Single Pieces – 2pcs/box- dent resistant
Designed for dye sublimation printing (or other heat pressing) onto rigid media or ready-made items.
For example metal and wood photo panels, ready made towels, blankets, t-shirts, cushion covers, snoods, rubber mats.
And also compatible with standard textile pressing.

Size: 150 x 100cm
Thickness: 10mm

Produced by continuous plain press vulcanizer. High quality closed cell (or open cell)silicone sponge material. High & low temperature resistant, wear/age resistant, ozone resistant, thermal insulating, oil resistant, lubricant resistance, low odour, high compressibility, low compression set over a wide working temperature range, good acoustic insulating properties.

Specifications for close cell silicone sponge sheet:

• material: virgin silicone sponge, silicone foam

•cell: closed cell

•colour: red

•surface: double impression fabric

•tensile strength: 100-200PSI

•hardness: currently 20-25shore A

•elongation: 100%

•density: 0.5-1.0g/cm3

•working temperature: -60°C – +220°C (continuous work)

•minimum/maximum: -70°C – +260°C (intermittent/brief exposure)

•thickness: 10mm

•Size: 1500x1000mm

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