Epson Cap Cleaning Kit C13S210053

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Epson Maintenance Box SC-F Series S210125 C13S210125


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Epson Maintenance Kit SC-F Series SC6MKIT C13S210053, helps keep you printer free from residue…what inside?

– 1 bottle of Ink Cleaner
– 2pcs of wiper
– 2pcs of wiper cleaner
– 25pcs of large cleaning stick
– 25pcs of small cleaning stick
– 1set of gloves
– 1pc of cleaning Wiper
– 1pc of Cup

The Epson Maintenance Kit SC-F Series SC6MKIT C13S210053 is compatible with the below printers;

  • SureColor SC-F9200
  • SureColor SC-F9200 (nK)
  • SureColor SC-F7200 (hdK)
  • SureColor SC-F7200 (nK)
  • SureColor SC-F6300 (hdK)
  • SureColor SC-F6300 (nK)

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