Dye Sublimation

What is Dye Sublimation & how does it work?


Dye Sublimation is a chemical process in which a solid turns to gas without passing through a liquid state.

Artwork is printed onto thermal transfer paper using specialist water-based dye sublimation inks. A heat press is used to transfer the artwork on the printed paper to the fabric. The heat causes the ink to be permanently bonded to the fabric fibre.


Media type: Polyester / poly-blend ONLY



  • Sportswear
  • Home furnishings & accessories
  • Fashion
  • Soft Signage
Our range
  •  A4 desktop to 3.2M wide format
Our brands

i-Sub are proud to partner with market leading brands. High quality, high output and excellent reliability.

Epson | Mimaki | d.gen | Homer | EFI Reggiani 

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