• Aluminum honeycomb pallets.
  • Squeegees with electric movement with AC variator.
  • Independent control panel on all print heads.
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: ”U” clamp or pin system.
  • Print heads independent elevation.
  • AC servo-motor rotation system.
  • Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning.
  • Central control panel with polycromatic LCD touch screen (10”).
  • Micro registration screen system with vernier scale.
  • Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length.
  • Placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head.

The Oval Pro screen printing machine was designed to answer every need of a screen printer. So ROQ included all the steps to create the solution. This included features such as independent elevation of the print heads, high lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning plus many control system and safety features.

As like all ROQ Print machines any periferic module is connected and synced with the central console including, flash dryers, ROQfoil, ROQflock, etc. This console allows the user to program the entire machine in the most efficient way and in the shortest time possible. This versatility is expanded in the sense that every print head has its own control panel to help during the setup phase.

This leads to the setup times. One of ROQ’s concerns was to guarantee low setup times. The PRU (Positive Registration Unit) was design to help reduce the setup times, but every aspect of this process was taken in account.

So with its low maintenance, short setup times, most of the time the oval screen printing machine will be printing for you and adding value to your company.