• Aluminum honeycomb pallets.
  • Squeegees with electric movement with ac variator.
  • Independent control panel on all print heads.
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: ”U” clamp or pin system.
  • Print head central elevation.
  • AC servo-motor rotation system.
  • Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy screen cleaning.
  • Central control panel with Polychromatic LCD touch screen (10”).
  • Micro registration screen system with vernier scale.
  • Individual controls for managing print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length.
  • Placement of the Flash Cure units under the print head.

The ROQprint ECO incorporates ROQ’s latest technological innovations. It ranges from a minimum of 12 pallets up to a maximum of 20 pallets and from a minimum of 1 color up to 18 colors. The print area ranges from 450 mm x 550mm up to a maximum of 800mm x 1100mm.

The ROQprint Eco is the ideal choice for even the most demanding printer for it as an efficient response for every task given. Capable of outputting a maximum of 1300 pieces per hour this screen printing machine is a powerhouse built to last. As an added bonus the carousel screen printing machine can be used with the ROQflock and ROQfoil modules, this is due to its independent print head elevation feature. This elevation system makes this screen printing machine especially efficient in printing with water based inks due to the fact that the printer can manage the time that the screen are in contact with the hot pallets.

For this every part of the ROQprint Eco is top designed for durability and precision but always pushing for innovation without sacrificing any quality.