Iron3 Iron4 iron5
  • Compatible with any ROQ automatic screen printing machine
  • Powered using the machine power connections
  • Temperature control
  • Max temperature 200ºC
  • Speed/pressure regulated by the print head
  • Press with 400mm width and 600mm

ROQpress Iron – increasing your prints value

In Milan during the ITMA show of 2015 we debuted the ROQpress IRON. It was an instant eye catcher for the visitors of our booth. We had it installed on the automatic screen printing machine ROQprint Eco. This screen printing job was a 9 color job in a black t-shirt. This implied the print of a white base so that the next colors would not loose brightness on top of the black fabric. Initially we were using th ROQpress Iron after the white base. We did a few t-shirts without the ROQpress Iron so that we could compare. The Eco working relentless with its known accuracy it made some damn good looking shirts. Then we put the ROQpress Iron working after the base was applied. The production numbers did not dwindled but the visitors praised the quality of the print. The texture was completely different. After a few runs on it we decided to make the ROQpress Iron pass on the fabric twice. On top of the base and after the whole print was done. None of our visitors expected that feel on a heavy plastisol print. 9 plastisol colors and the end result was of an excellent touch. This was the final proof of the huge part a ROQpress Iron can have in any print shop in the world.

This module the ROQpress Iron is compatible with every automatic screen printing machine done by ROQ. Either carousel or our oval screen printing machine. Super easy to configure it will work sinchronized with your screen printing machine.

Using heat in conjunction with mechanical force the ROQpress Iron works the texture of the fabric making it more uniform. This leads to a noticeable improvement of the end quality of your print and by doing so it raises the raw value of your job.


iron (mm/pol) 400 / 16" 600 / 24"
power supply(kW) 4 5
course (mm/pol) 550 / 21" 850 / 33"
screen (mm/pol) 900x563 / 36"x22" 1200x763 / 47"x30"
temperature (°C) 200