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  • ROQCOOL is a module built to cool the pallets. This prevents the glue base to solidify when in contact with the pallet.
  • This accessory is mounted in a print head and fully compatible with the ROQ automatic screen printing machines
  • Available in two widths: 700 mm/27” and 500 mm/19”

ROQcool the tool you are missing for flock, foil and water based printing

The ROQ screen printing machines are not only known by its quality, durability and precision but they are also known by its versatility. One of the traits that enforces this trait is the pallets that ROQ uses in all of its screen printing machines. These screen printing machines use aluminium honeycomb pallets. This is the optimal material in screen printing pallet construction. This material makes the pallets lighter. This brings numerous advantages that can be consulted here. One of those advantages is that by being light and hollow but by maintaining a super strong structure, it creates the perfect environment to manipulate temperature. We all know temperature is a key factor in screen printing. In some cases you need the temperature to maintain itself at high levels so that the glues react and if the printer is working with plastisol there is absolutely no problem. On the other hand there are some inks that react and clog screens at high temperatures or glues da react also with high temperatures. The most common example is making a print with flock. Flock is always the last thing to print. The printer needs to apply glue so that the flock adhere to the textile. If the pallet is not cool enough the glue will not work perfectly. Another problem with hot pallets is that when using some water based inks, if the pallets are too hot it will clog the screen. This will happen due to the evaporation of the water due to the heat in the pallet. ROQ provided the solution in the form of the ROQcool. This is a new module by ROQ that can be connected to any ROQ print head. It is powered by any ROQ screen printing machine. It uses the compressed air from the screen printing machine to blow a steady and even current of fresh air all over the pallet making it cooler and ready for the next step on the printing job.

This simple ROQ accessory will make your life much easier.