Contour Cut by CadCam Technology Ltd, automates the process of cutting out inkjet printed pieces of fabric or textile both quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions and stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles that are used in sportswear for example.

Material is automatically unrolled and transported onto the laser cutting machine using our next generation conveyor system.

State of the art camera recognition is used to pinpoint registration marks printed on your material. The marks can be accurately read by our laser system and the position, scale and deformation of the printed material will be compensated due to the intelligent analysis of the registration marks. This means that when the laser cuts your fabric all the pieces will exit the laser cutting conveyor exactly the correct size and shape.

As laser cutting is non-contact, there is no drag on the material and no blades to change. High speed loop servo motors ensure precise camera mapping and accurate cut lines with minimal user interaction. Simply collect the pieces as they exit the machine, this gives the Contour Cut system a major advantage over traditional garment cutting methods.


laser cutting printed garments2
laser cutting printed garments3
laser cutting printed garments4


Camera recognition

State of the art camera system to pinpoint registration marks to ensure a precise and perfect cut.


laser cutting sports fabrics1


Distortion compensation

The system automatically compensates for any distortions or stretches on any fabric or textiles.


laser cutting sports fabrics2


Bite feed

Lay plans that are larger than the actual machine bed can be cut continuously with no problem.


laser cutting sports fabrics3


Precise, accurate cuts

Accurate cutting at high speeds, over and over again saving you time and money


laser cutting sports fabrics4




Watch The Video Demos

LASER CUTTING TEXTILE AT SPEEDS OF 1000mm/sec (3,600m/hour). This machine is using a 100w Rofin laser cutting at 1000mm/s.

Laser options for the Contour Cut system are:

  • 50w Universal - cuts around 350mm/s (air cooled)
  • 100w Universal - cuts around 800mm/s (air cooled)
  • 100w Rofin - cuts around 1000mm/s (water cooled)