The innovative one – with reality plus

Color scanners with enhanced scan volume for new business models for the retail trade, for workwear and for manufacturers

The VITUSbodyscan 3D body scanner measures subjects with at least 0.5 mm. accuracy – and it also complies with the DIN EN ISO 20685 international standard. This scanner is based on a completely new, highly accurate calibration procedure and advanced hardware components. Color is also captured for the first time, like the skin tone and hair color of the subject, for instance. The advanced scanning volume of the VITUSbodyscan also allows for greater flexibility in the capturing of different postures – so the scanner is able to create an exact 360° image of the subject.


You can expect

the precise taking of measurements

  • the exact three-dimensional imaging of the human body
  • a measuring range of 2100 mm height, 1200 mm width, 1200 mm depth
  • a scan time of 6–10  seconds
  • a wide range of services and software integration
  • user-friendly software

Functional highlights

The world’s leading technology

  • Measurement principle: optical triangulation (laser technology, safe for the eyes)
  • Export formats: ASCII, OBJ, STL, DXF
  • Eight laser sensor heads
  • Density of points, 300 points/cm2
  • Tolerance: <0,5mm
  • Floor space requirements: around 5 m2
  • Total weight: around 200 kg
  • Direct integration with Anthroscan for body dimension analysis
  • Automatic calculation of scanatar body parts for 3D simulation in Vidya

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