Success with customization

Intailor links the producers of tailored apparel collections with their own shops. You can accompany and support the sale and production of individualized apparel or mass customization, from collection development right through to the point of sale and manufacture ― and all in one seamless system.

Wilvorst: How can we offer tailor-made suits through trade retailers?

Together with Human Solutions, Wilvorst developed the OneStep system. It enables customization without the need for slip-on sizes.

The manufacturer’s collection book is digitally reproduced in Intailor, providing comprehensive support for the sales assistant during customer guidance, price calculation and ordering. In production, all the order data is transferred directly into the appropriate systems and to the selected apparel models.

Intailor in development and production

All the body measurements you need for producing made-to-measure apparel are acquired ― on site, in your store. You then select and configure individual items of apparel on the computer together with your customers and transmit the order to the manufacturer. The details of your customers and their body measurements are integrated ― either manually or automatically using 3D body scanning. The body measurements will automatically be converted to cutting data and the entire order is available. The system transfers all the necessary data to the desired style model and imports it into the style/cut and merchandising management system. This enables high-quality, individualized apparel manufacture with short processing times. You also gain insider knowledge about the preferences and the dimensions of your customers.

Intailor can also serve as a product configurator for seamless processes for ready-made products (with the Virtual Mirror, for instance).


You can expect

efficient measuring procedures

  • attractive prices for customized apparel production
  • seamless processes from the point of sale to manufacturing
  • profitable manufacture for batch
    size 1
  • reduced processing time
  • the prevention of wrong orders caused by transfer errors
  • the cost-efficient manufacture of individual and customized apparel production
  • high quality and collection flexibility
  • contemporary, top-quality individual production
  • optimal support for competent customer guidance at the point of sale
  • well thought-out support of ERP and supply chain management processes for individual and customized clothing manufacture
  • a high level of user acceptance and simple operation

Functional highlights

High-quality consulting and manufacturing

  • Customer address management with configurable customer profile
  • History of purchasing behavior, e. g. ordering history and try-on reports
  • Shopping cart (also historically), including try-on report and updating
  • Ordering, including alternative Collect-Store management
  • Individual calculation of purchasing and selling prices
  • Customized clothing production based on sets of sizes with and without slip-on items
  • Creation and use of (multiple) consistency-tested catalogs with free choice of type and quantity and a display of the variants
  • Control of the 3D body scanners
  • Acquisition of dimensions and calculation of the cut parameters in accordance with the manufacturer’s individual rules and processes
  • Standard interfaces for the transfer of order information or cut parameters to existing systems, e.g. ERP, order tracking systems or CAD
  • Simple transfer of variant information (e.g. materials and prices) via standardized interface
  • Configuration of the dependence between the components, e.g. number and types of pockets, also taking sizes into consideration

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