The right one for the shoe industry

High-precision 3D images of human feet

The FootIn3D foot scanner supplements the Human Solutions bodyscanner family perfectly. Based on the optical triangulation method, FootIn3D is the leading scanner on the market in terms of accuracy, speed and data integration.


You can expect

the precise taking of measurements

  • the exact three-dimensional imaging of the human foot
  • a measuring range of 180 mm height, 180 mm width and 400 mm depth
  • a scan time of approx. 5-15 seconds
  • a wide range of services and software integration
  • user-friendly software

Functional highlights

The world’s leading technology

  • Measurement principle: optical triangulation (laser technology, safe for the eyes)
  • Export formats: XML, CSV, OBJ, STL
  • Eight laser sensor heads
  • Density of points, 35 points/cm2
  • Tolerance: <1 mm
  • Floor space requirements: around 1 m2
  • Total weight: around 30 kg
  • Direct integration with Anthroscan for body dimension analysis