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Your customer will become part of your development process

3D bodyscanning by Human Solutions offers the world’s most accurate method of measurement and allows the integration of size & fit data into your processes at the same time. This opens up a whole world of innovative impetus for you – in customer bonding, for example, through the virtual try-on of ready-made or tailored apparel.


Our bodyscanners are used everywhere where good size & fit is a must. Individual persons and even entire target groups can be measured. The result is always the same – you get products that are perfectly matched to your market and your customers, because you can use our scanner data throughout the entire development and production process, e.g. in Cad.Assyst and Vidya.




How every serial measurement project pays (automatically)

Anthroscan is currently the best system for the planning, execution and evaluation of your serial measurements and studies. This internationally approved system comprises 3D body scanners, mobile data acquisition and software for centralized evaluation and statistical analysis. Thousands of records can be automatically processed in a short time.

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The innovative one – with reality plus

Color scanners with enhanced scan volume for new business models for the retail trade, for workwear and for manufacturers

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Success with customization

Intailor links the producers of tailored apparel collections with their own shops. You can accompany and support the sale and production of individualized apparel or mass customization, from collection development right through to the point of sale and manufacture ― and all in one seamless system.

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