Dgen Teleios Omni Pro

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The d.gen Omni Series is the latest innovative solution for printing direct to textile with inline pre-treatment.


Dgen Teleios Omni Pro is complete as an all-in-one solution; pre-treat, print and fixate in one process. Print direct with Ricoh Gen6 printheads, robust fabric feeding system, 5kg bulk ink system – all at the most competitive price in the industry. Prepare to be faster, better and more competitive than ever.


A new design built to be more industrial and operator friendly. Access has been improved for maintenance & cleaning along with minimalised operational cost and compact set up space feasible.


  • Teleios Omni Pro – 1.8M – Roll to Roll feeding system
  • Artrix Omni Pro – 1.8M – Sticky belt feeding system
  • Teleios Grande Omni – 3.2M – Roll to Roll feeding system

If you need any assistance with the Dgen Teleios Omni Pro, please click here to contact a member of the i-sub team.



  • Colour Boosting Solution (CBS) Inline dot-for-dot pre-treatment for Pigment Printing
  • Ricoh Gen6 Print Heads with degassing system, high resolution at higher speeds
  • New model infrared dryer Extraction output on side, ease of controlling print environment
  • Optional built-in heat fixation unit Print & fixate in one, production process simplified, no need to fixate offline
  • Improved ink carriage & capping station for more stable printing


  • 1.88m wide fixation unit
  • Provides a stable, single process ink
  • 6 power sheath heaters
  • No need for off-line fixation
  • Print, dry, fixate and go!


  • 6 colour + CBS Expand your colour gamut and reach eye-catching colours e.g rich red, deeper black, royal purple.
  • 5 litre bulk-ink system – allows a stable and continuous ink feeding, refill while printing.
  • Superb color-fastness and water-resistance for outdoors
  • Patented roll to roll feeding system allows ease of printing onto all kinds of woven and low elastic fabrics. With automatic sensor & tension bar with rollers
  • Simple process No steaming and washing required. Prints fixated inline, ready to use immediately
  • Wide range of applications possible: bespoke cushions, curtains, thin carpets, reusable shopping bags & more
  • Improved take up unit Allows for more stable print
  • Machine can be supplied without CBS – 3 Print Heads rather than 5
  • Software packages available 


Printhead  Ricoh Gen6i
Number of printheads 5
Colors 6 + CBS
Speed at 2 pass [m2/h] 70
Speed at 3 pass [m2/h] 52
Speed at 4 pass [m2/h] 42
System roll-to-roll
Roll size (printable width) [mm] 1880
Ink type 1 Pigment + CBS
Available colors C, M, Y, K, Or, Bl, Lc, Lm, Sc, Gr
Media Cotton, linen, wool, poly, viscose, polycotton and other blended fabrics
Main Applications Fashion, Home Textile, Accessories
Ink type 2 Disperse + SPC
Available colors C, M, Y, K, Or, Tur, Lc, Lm, SPC
Media Polyester
Main Applications Soft Signage, Home & Auto
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