Dgen Papyrus GT


Award winning high speed paper transfer dye sublimation printer for continuous printing


Introduce high speed dye sublimation printing to your business and watch your capacity grow! The Dgen Papyrus GT offers high quality prints at high speed, with options available for continuous printing; Mini Jumbo Unwinder, Mini Jumbo Winder, Bulk Ink System (6.5L). 

Ideal for the Home Interior, Fashion & Sportswear Markets

  • Rear Feeding & Take Up Compact footprint
  • Double Drying Process Heated panel & external dryer
  • Chain Wiping System Helps maintain optimal conditions for the cleaning blades, automatically cleans underside of print head at set interval time
  • Carriage Collision Sensor Stops carriage when detecting obstacle, preventing damage to the print head
  • Degassing System Removes micro bubbles from each print head ensuring stable printing
  • Sleep Mode After completion of printing, automatically switches to sleep mode & standby
      ※ Sequence : Carriage to capping → Electric valve, Internal heater, Vacuum fan off → External dryer off
Optimise your workflow with the following optional items for continuous printing


Less downtime, higher capacity production and cost saving!

Mini Jumbo Feeder – Max Roll Diameter: 480mm, Weight: 290kg*
Mini Jumbo Take Up – Max Roll Diameter: 260mm, Weight: 85kg
Large Capacity Ink Tank – 6.5L bulk ink system per colour


*2000 linear metres, based on 70 gsm paper
Without Mini Jumbo Feeder – Max Roll Diameter: 200mm, Weight: 30kg

UP TO 6 COLOUR without sacrificing speed


4 Colour – 2 Print Heads
6 Colour – 3 Print Heads

Additional print head prevents compromise to speed

SGIA, Product of the year, 2019
RTR Dye-Sub on Textile


Printhead Kyocera
Number of printheads 2 (4 colour) / 3 (6 colour)
Colors 4 CMYK
6 CMYK + Lc, Lm, Fp, Fy
Print Mode Bi-Direction/Uni-Direction
Max Printing Resolution 600×1,200 dpi
Specifications (1.6M)
Speed at 2 pass [m2/h] 115
Speed at 4 pass [m2/h] 80
Speed at 6 pass [m2/h] 55
System roll-to-roll
Roll size (printable width)[mm] 1620
Specifications (1.9M)
Speed at 2 pass [m2/h] 135
Speed at 4 pass [m2/h] 85
Speed at 6 pass [m2/h] 60
System roll-to-roll
Roll size (printable width)[mm] 1880
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