Dgen Arachne Hexa

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The d.gen Arachne Hexa offers an exceptional solution for printing direct to textile – natural and synthetic fibres.


Print directly to fabric with Ricoh GEN5 printheads. Fast production of 52m²p/h at 900 dpi, robust fabric feeding system, 5kg bulk ink system – all at the most competitive price in the industry. Prepare to be faster, better & more competitive than ever.



  • Printing Speed up to 77m²ph
  • 6 colour – expand your color gamut and reach eye-catching colours like rich red, deeper black, royal purple.
  • 5 litre bulk-ink system – allows a stable and continuous ink feeding, refill while printing.
  • Superb color-fastness and water-resistance for outdoors
  • Patented roll to roll feeding system allows ease of printing onto all kinds of woven and low elastic fabrics. With automatic sensor & tension bar with rollers
  • Simple process No steaming and washing required.
  • Wide range of applications possible: bespoke cushions, curtains, thin carpets, reusable shopping bags & more
  • SPC – Unmatched showthrough printing soft signage


Printhead  Ricoh Gen5i
Number of printheads 3
Configuration 3 printheads inline
Colors 6 (2 colors per printhead)
Number of Nozzles / colors 640 nozzles
Speed at 2 pass [m2/h] 77
Speed at 3 pass [m2/h] 52
Speed at 4 pass [m2/h] 41
System roll-to-roll
Roll size (printable width) [mm] 1880
Ink type Disperse
Available colors C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Or, Tur, Bl & SPC
Media Polyester
Main applications Soft Signage, Home & Auto Textile
Fashion & home décor
Ink type 1 Pigment
Available colors C, M, Y, K, Or, Bl, Lc, Lm, Sc, Gr
Media Cotton, linen, wool, poly, viscose,
polycotton and other blended
Ink type 2 Reactive
Available colors C, M, Y, K, Or, Bl, Re, LK
Media Cotton, linen, rayon, Silk, etc.
Main applications Fashion, Home Textile,
Accessories and etc
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