Vivid Color Superb Run-ability


The most optimized and best quality digital Textile ink.

Optimized d.gen textile ink is able to have vivid color description and reliable fastness to meet various kind of print head used any textile printers. Moreover, good ink flows provide superb run-ability allows having stable working environment without clocking print head nozzle All the inks are fully tested by d.gen R&D team.


Green ink. (Eco- ink, Environment-friendly ink)

d.gen inks are REACH regulation compliant (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) in order to be a true eco-friendly solution. d.gen produces revolutionary and innovative water based textile inks, featuring vivid colors, wide color gamut, high fastness and durability.


Ink Packing from cc to 25kg base bulk packing.

All the d.gen ink are pack in aluminum pouch after fully degassed and depend on ink feeding system in various printer, d.gen provide various size and/or type of ink cartridge, even bulk packing up to 25 kg per color.