C03RP – Pigment Ink Transfer Calender

Monti Antonio

Special calender for the transfer of pigment inks onto natural fibres.


New to 2023, Coldenhove have released a special digital transfer paper for printing pigment inks onto a wide range of natural fibre textiles, called TEXCOL.

Monti Antonio have launched the C03RP, a new and innovative calender designed specifically for this application. The process is a physical transfer as oppose to normal sublimation, however with additional options, the machine has the flexibility to also be used for dye sublimation onto synthetic fibres. A revolution in the market with simple technology but impressive results.



  • No need pre-treat the fabric to be able to receive the pigment inks. Pre-coating is already applied to the transfer paper.
  • Ease of use simple process
  • Physical transfer as oppose to dye sublimation
  • Reduce costs & carbon footprint Reduced ink costs, no pre/post treatment required
  • Special properties To retain colour fastness when exposed to light and resist crocking
  • Durability Especially recommended for applications on sturdier textiles including home furnishings
Ø: 350 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Working Width: 1630 mm


  • Pigment Ink Transfer Printing
  • Direct ink Reactivation
  • Thermosetting
  • Sublimation printing (with options)



  • Monti Antonio SPA exclusive heating system Heated by element in vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air & pressure
  • Flexibility Can be used for normal sublimation (with options) & ink reactivation
  • Independent motors with an electronic synchronisation system
  • NOMEX felt Pneumatic tension adjustment system and automatic felt-centering device, incorporated felt protection system
  • Meter-counter Predetermine length of production runs, built in alarm
  • Front touch-screen For production data access and programming, control temperature & other general management


Cylinder width 1800 mm
Working width 1630 mm
Heated cylinder diameter 350 mm
Installed electric power 21.34 Kw
Average consumption 15 Kw/hr
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