DS Bar runner (bordered) – 234 x 434 x 1.5mm

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Bar runner (bordered) – 234 x 434 x 1.5mm


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bar runner (bordered) – 234 x 434 x 1.5mm


Elevate your brand presence with our customised bar runners – the perfect canvas to showcase your branding, offers, and advertisements. These professionally designed accessories not only add a touch of sophistication to your establishment but also serve as a powerful tool to capture your customers’ attention.

Transform your bar, hotel, pub, restaurant, or club into a hub of personality and intrigue with our versatile bar runners. Beyond promoting your brand, these runners become a dynamic platform to highlight in-house deals and upcoming events. Therefore ensuring that every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity.

Our bar runners are made out of blank nitrile rubber & white non-woven polyester fabric for dye sub / dye sublimation paper transfer printing personalisation.

Product code: PI400
Size dimensions: 234mm x 434mm
Printable dimensions: 219mm x 419mm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Box qty: 100pcs
Box size: 360mm x 250mm x 700mm

Our bar runners are not just functional; they’re an extension of your establishment’s personality, leaving a lasting impression on your patrons.

Stay ahead in the competitive hospitality industry by choosing bar runners that go beyond the ordinary – choose distinction, choose impact, choose our bar runners.

Complies with REACH & ROHS & 28P FREE standards

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Description Bar runner (bordered)
Material Blank nitrile rubber & white non-woven polyester fabric
Packing Unit 100 units per box
Dimensions L 434mm x W 234mm D x 1.5mm
Print Dimensions Max 419mm x 219mm
Tolerance Manufacturing tolerances apply, samples can be provided, product testing report on request

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