Aqua T501 R Dye Sublimation Ink 1ltr Cyan

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The ARSub 501-ink is tailored for the purpose of industrial transfer sublimation printing with printers using Epson* DX*-printheads. The ARSub 501 provides a large color gamut, which is extended by a variety of spot colors including fluorescent colors. The 501-ink is certified according to
the accepted Oekotex-standard.



Industrial Scale Sublimation Printing
Aqua T501 R Dye Sublimation Ink 1ltr Cyan is a water based dye sublimation ink, which is designed for transfer sublimation in industrial scale with Kyocera*-printheads. This ink set is suitable for use with 60% Polyester fabrics and blends, such as fashion, garments, accessories, sports- & swimwear, soft signage & interior decoration and home textiles. The ARSub 502 provides a large color gamut, which is extended by
spot colors and densities above market average

fastness certification

  • wash fastness at 40C and 60C: grade 4-5 (DIN EN ISO 105-C06)*
  • sweat fastness: grade 4-5 (DIN EN ISO 105-E04)*
  • light fastness: 6/7 (ISO 105B2)**

designed for use with:

  • Kyocera* KJ4B-QA* printheads, e.g. Aeoon Kyo*, DGI HS FT*, EFI Reggiani NEXT*
  • coated sublimation transfer papers (e.g. beaver textprint*, Schoeller S-Race* , Neenah Jet-X , Neenah Hetcol HTR*)

shelf life, storage & operating conditions:

  • store inks out of direct sunlight & away from heat sources.
  • shelf life of inks stored properly between 18-28C is 12 months.
  • recommended operating temperature: 20-25C
  • recommended operating air humidity: 40%-60%

safety instructions

safety data sheets are available on request. the instruction of the safety data sheets are to be followed.

*evaluation scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best result

**evaluation scale from 1 to 8, with 8 being the best result

Please note that I-Sub will not take responsibilities for the incorrect purchasing of inks. For further enquiries about Aqua T501 R Dye Sublimation Ink 1ltr Cyan , click here. A member of I-Sub will be with you soon.

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