Monti Antonio 911

Monti Antonio

Compacting calender for ribbons and narrow fabrics


Compacting and finishing calender for ribbons and narrow fabrics for ALL fibres (natural, synthetic, elastic and mixed). Also designed to heatset 100% synthetic fibres (e.g polyester).


Ø: 350 mm
Width: 750 mm
Working Width: 650 mm


  • Monti Antonio SPA exclusive heating system Heated by element in vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air & pressure
  • Multiple motors Independent motors with an electronic synchronisation system
  • NOMEX felt Heat resitance at high temperature
  • Vertical steaming chamber Made in stainless steel and electrically heated, pre-steamer on entry
  • Tension control and felt-centering device Automatically controlled
  • Front touch-screen For production data access and programming, control temperature & other general management
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