DS Laminated Sherpa Fleece Blanket – 150x200cm

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Blank white recycled polyester and cotton dye sublimation sherpa fleece blankets


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150cm x 200cm Dye Sublimatable LAMINATED SHERPA FLEECE

Our ready-made, blank white Dye Sublimatable sherpa fleece blankets are especially designed for dye sublimation printing. They are manufactured in Europe, with Oeko-Tex & ISO 9001 Quality Management certification.

The 460gsm sherpa fleece blanket has a unique “double-faced” construction; 100% recycled microfibre polyester on the print side. Super soft faux sheep wool AKA “sherpa fleece on the reverse. The edge finishing of these towels lay uniquely flat, perfectly optimising them for full edge-to-edge printing with the dye sublimation paper transfer print process.

You can achieve incredibly vibrant colours. And at the same time, these blankets are functional, not just a promotional gimmick. The fabric is soft, plush, & warm. This means our blankets are perfect for winter, gifts, for pets, for promotion, for branding, & of course as traditional living room sofa throw.

Popular sizes

These blankets do not require any specialist equipment. You simply require a suitably sized dye sublimation transfer paper printer & a suitable heat press – this can be a flatbed heat press or a rotary calendar heat press with a front loading table. These blankets are guaranteed within a tolerance of +/-5% on the sizing, if the product falls outside of this please contact I-SUB. We can assist you in how to use your current equipment to achieve the best results.

UK stock all year round, for next day delivery.

For further enquiries 150cm x 200cm Dye Sublimatable LAMINATED SHERPA FLEECE, click here and a member of the I-Sub team will be in contact shortly.



Description 150 x 200cm Dye Sublimation sherpa fleece blanket
Material 460gsm DF Polar/Wool rPET
Packing Unit 8 units per box
Dimensions 150 cm x 200 cm +/- 5%
Print Dimensions 150 cm x 200 cm +/- 5%
Tolerance Manufacturing tolerances apply, samples can be provided, product testing report on request

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