• Thermal insulation of high density rockwool panels.
  • Axial flow fan for a constant hot-air circulation.
  • Air purification filter for the burner.
  • Antistatic and resistant mesh conveyor high tensile strength PTFE coated belt.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Internal exhaustion header system per module.
  • Contact temperature control.
  • Maximum select temperature: 200ºC.
  • Option of 2 conveyors with independent speed and direction (optional).
  • Different length’s entry/exit openings (optional).
  • ROQTUNNEL can be powered by gas, Electricity or Both (optional).
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We are aware that the company trading under the name ISub Education Ltd has gone into liquidation.

We wish to make it clear to all our customer’s & suppliers that I-Sub Ltd has no affiliation with ISub Education Ltd in any way.

We have been contacted by a number of ISub Education Ltd customers assuming that the two companies are linked. They are not.

I-Sub Ltd continues to be the successful & strong company it has always been.

We hope that this answers any questions that you may have had, but for clarification please contact the I-Sub Ltd office on
01536 415511