Roqbag 600x600 1

The ROQbag is a capable of baggins all types of woven fabric. This bagging machine can use bags with or without an auto-sticking flap. When working in conjunction with the ROQFold no operator is needed, both machines connect and synchronize the speeds so that they work at the same pace. In the case of using bags with an auto-sticking flap, the ROQBAG removes the protecting tape and automatically folds the flap, this then lending the final work to a professional high quality look. In the case of bags with normal the flap, the ROQBAG applies one or two tape points that close the bag securely. The folded garment piece to be bagged has a maximum size of 600 x 400mm and 80mm height. The ROQBAG is one of the fastest bagging machines in the market, with a maximum production of 600 pieces/hour.

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roqfold 1

ROQ’s folding machine, the ROQfold, folds any kind and shape of clothing such as: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos – short or long sleeves – trousers, skirts, dresses, etc. It is capable of a normal production of 800 pieces/hour. It needs only one operator to load the pieces. For the rest of process it is just needed the initial configuration of the lengths of the folds an type of folds (depending on the dimensions and type of the pieces) and then after this it is an automated process. The machine can be run automatically or the operator can activate the machine by using a pedal.

The ROQfold is fast, extremely accurate, super easy to use, very economic and efficient. This also comes with the added bonus of bring very low maintenance as it is extremely durable for any workplace environment

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roqpack roq 600x600

The ROQpack has been developed in order to provide high profitability and speed. Due to its performance it is one of the most relevant tools in the market regarding packaging of clothing pieces. This packaging machine, conceived by ROQ, works with two large plastic reels (quick and easy to replace). The reels spread the top and bottom of the bag that is welded on the sides and closed on the bottom using the same welding process. The top is a flap that closes the bag. It is designed to pack batches of several pieces of any type or format: t-shirts, sweat-shirts, polos, shirts, trousers, skirts, towels, etc. The packaging length is unlimited and the clothing pieces are packed through plastic welding (using a normal or reinforced weld). As an option, the ROQpack packaging machine may pack pieces in coat-hangers.

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