The ROQ flash – ROQdry ECO is one of the models of the line ROQdry. It is completely automatic when connected to a ROQ automatic screen printing machine. It’s dimensions allow for it to be placed under a printing head and at the same time the power to flash cure in a reliable and efficient way. The ROQdry ECO allows you to select the flash cure area as well the temperature and the time.

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The ROQ Flash – ROQdry MOBY is a unit created specifically to deal with large areas in an economical way. The maximum drying area is 1020 x 1404 (mm) / 40” x 55” (inch). However due to the motorized system it uses a lot less bulbs than it is usually used to dry such a big area. On the MOBY you can regulate the time, drying area and temperature digitally.

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The ROQ flash – ROQdry EVOLUTION, also known as EVO, is a flash cure unit that is extremely versatile. It was design with an extendable arm and a hood that rotates 90 degrees so that the EVO can adapt to any situation. The software allows for several EVO units to be turned on sequentially, this avoids energy spikes to your electrical structure.

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We are aware that the company trading under the name ISub Education Ltd has gone into liquidation.

We wish to make it clear to all our customer’s & suppliers that I-Sub Ltd has no affiliation with ISub Education Ltd in any way.

We have been contacted by a number of ISub Education Ltd customers assuming that the two companies are linked. They are not.

I-Sub Ltd continues to be the successful & strong company it has always been.

We hope that this answers any questions that you may have had, but for clarification please contact the I-Sub Ltd office on
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