Plano Plastics International B.V. specialise in 3D “rigid” sublimation materials & printing systems.

In their extensive range they offer large format 3D sublimation presses, printing systems, colour management systems, and all kinds of “rigid” sublimation printable materials.

Companies often only think of polyester textile when talking about sublimation, but Plano Plastics International B.V. offer 3D and large format sublimation onto different kinds of rigid materials, including – aluminium & metal sheeting for interior & exterior, acrylic, stone, glass, PMMA, HPL wood and much more. Plano Plastics International B.V. is an internationally focused and service orientated company, complete with in-house testing and training centre. Customers can benefit from their unique expertise, learn about the process & equipment, ask questions and work alongside the team to help solve individual challenges.

I-SUB offer the complete solution in the UK from large format printers, 3D presses, software, colour management and materials.



We are aware that the company trading under the name ISub Education Ltd has gone into liquidation.

We wish to make it clear to all our customer’s & suppliers that I-Sub Ltd has no affiliation with ISub Education Ltd in any way.

We have been contacted by a number of ISub Education Ltd customers assuming that the two companies are linked. They are not.

I-Sub Ltd continues to be the successful & strong company it has always been.

We hope that this answers any questions that you may have had, but for clarification please contact the I-Sub Ltd office on
01536 415511