TX300P mimaki
Mimaki’s undisputed expertise in the digital textile sector is reflected in the innovative new Tx300P-1800 with its capability to print direct onto almost any type of natural or man-made fabric. Effortlessly combining quality and high speed, Tx300P-1800 is ideally suited to applications such as fashion, furnishing,soft signage and exhibitions.

Highly Productive Textile Printers. Printing on cotton, polyester, and many other fabrics, revolutionising softsignage, apparel/textiles and interior decoration markets.

Digital printing from sample creation to small lot production...the MimakiTX2 is the industry standard digital textile printer with high quality720dpi output.

The JV5-320DS is especially suitable for printing outdoor signage onpolyester textiles, such as flags and banners, so called soft signage, thatare better catered to with water based dye sublimation inks.


mimaki tx500 1800ds
Ultra high-speed direct to textile printer. Print speed up to 150m²p/h, 1.8m wide, direct to textile for flag & banner printing.



mimaki Tx500 1800B
Ultra high-speed direct to textile printer with adhesive belt. Print speed up to 150m²p/h, direct to textile with adhesive belt enabling printing on any type of textile.